Nkanu Public Primary schools return to a new academic year September 16, 2019.  Please join me in equipping as many of the classrooms as possible with basic furniture and supplies.

How Can You Help?

Blackboards, chairs, and desks are purchased in batches and delivered to the schools.  One blackboard costs approximately $50.  Schools need between 8 and 19 blackboards depending on the size of the school. Please click on the blackboard icon and order as many blackboards as you are able.  A list of donors for each batch delivered will be provided to the respective schools except when donors choose to remain anonymous.

Alternatively, you may choose to make a scholarship donation.  For as little as $22, you can fund a nursery student for an entire year. For $30 you can cover the cost of attendance for a year of primary school. The amount of $202 will fund a student from nursery school through six full years of primary school.

Together, we can create school environments conducive to learning for a new generation of students.  #Beagamechanger

Thank you for your support.