Have you been burdened or exasperated by reading WhatsApp messages or videos that show fellow Nigerians selling their votes for a few thousand naira, or those chasing after garbage trucks for scraps? You probably have also read the post by Victor Okechukwu Anyegbuna (VOA) describing current state laws that have generous compensation packages for governors, ex-governors, their deputies as well as senators, ministers and other elected officers.  Where former governors serving as senators receive up to 100% Governor’s salaries as pension while receiving full compensation for their new position.

According to VOA’s post a Nigerian Senator’s one day pay is more than

The injustice of it all could make one want to throw up hands and say forget it, its never going to change.  Or believe the message that says that Nigeria is full of those who have good ideas but no power and those who have power, but no good ideas.  We must reject such thoughts.

For the love of Nigeria, people with power/money could hire people with good ideas and skills to convert the ideas into actionable policies to improve the lots of all Nigerians.  Nigerians can do this!

The time has come for all those who love Nigeria, those who see her promise to stand up and do something.

How?  For starters any Nigerian government official currently collecting a full salary in any office cannot simultaneously collect a pension.

What about those not in public offices?

Whatever you do, do it for the greater good, for in the end, each of us will account for what we did or failed to do, to better mankind, specifically those in our motherland, Nigeria.






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